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I’m Adriana, a Guatemalan girl who moved to Australia in her mid-twenties and never looked back. I fell in love with the laid-back nature of Australians…that ‘no worries!’ attitude that is so contagious.

Luke is the other part of the puzzle, he loves photography just as much as I do and is patient enough to join me in this adventure. He is the perfect #instahubby!

Maya Gypsy started as a shop. But thanks to sharing our passion for photography and bohemian style through Instagram, we have also started blogging and doing fashion shoots/styling for other labels.

Our dream is to become a top destination for style inspiration, for all the carefree souls that love to use clothing as a tool to express themselves. We would also love to become a top duo for styling/photography for other labels.

We donate 5% of all our work, including Instagram collaborations, to AMBI a not-for -profit organization that works with kids in high-risk areas in Guatemala