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pastel tie dye

Pastel Tie Dye pieces to die for!

by Adri

The pastel tie dye trend has taking over our insta and we are here for it!

With the current situation, loungewear stole the spotlight, at home but make it cute! after Kylie was spotted wearing this trend, it was game on! and it’s not only loungewear but super cute dresses too. I’m absolutely loving this trend and have been pinning it relentlessly wishing I could buy all the pieces I find! the one Kylie was wearing ( you can find it here ) comes with a steep price tag but there are many alternatives out there.

For a minute I started considering making my own tie dye but to be honest I’m not the most crafty gal lol

After hours of diving into the pastel tie dye rabbit hole I’ve gathered my favourite pieces from this trend.

Pastel tie dye

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