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Are you looking for a photographer, stylist or a model for your next shoot in Sydney or on location? We can help!

We are currently expanding our portfolio of beloved clients, which means you get 50% discount off our standard rates until June 2018.

We offer different packages depending on your needs.

Our passion for fashion and photography shines through everything we do. Check out our work below.

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Client Feedback

“Oh they are amazing. So gorgeous!! You look amazing, the outfits do too and the photography is stunning! Thank you so much. You two are the best! Really professional and so much work! ” Carolin ~ Rove

“OMG LOVE them! Thank you to you and Luke so much. The photos are amazing” Pauline ~ San Jose the Label

“Ummm you guys are just so so amazing! even more by donating! Love your work, you guys make a brilliant team. Cant wait to work together more in the future lovely. Thank you once again for the magical pics. “Nicole ~ The Lost Tribe

“Wow they are incredible! You guys take amazing shots. You did such a beautiful job. All those details.” Lisa – Threaded Earth

“OMG there’s so many good shots!” Richelle ~ Rico Designs